Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day Seven - It's the little things...

Do you ever have those days when nothing feels right?  Everything is just a hair... off.  Physically, I'm feeling a touch under the weather.  I'm emotionally 'blah.'  I'm not tired enough to sleep, but I'm not interested in folding laundry or mopping the floor.

Whenever I cloud over like this, the universe offers me a little morsel, something that carries with it the possibility of a smile, a faded ray of sunshine.  Today, I was reminded of this:

generated by

It displays a new 'slogan' with each page view.  I was introduced to The Sloganizer several years ago when my blogging habits were more regular and far more whiny.  I still have the blog, but it prefers to be called a journal... a livejournal.  I was checking my friend page - I still have a friend who writes, once in a while - and something moved me to look at my profile.  There it was...  "WolfSong is better than chocolate."

Sloganizer therapy.  I recommend it for anyone.  ;)

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