Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It can always get worse...

Okay.  So, I haven't been writing because I've been really broken, lately.  With the violent collapse of the business, I didn't have much left in me for writing. 

Since my last post, Wolf has begun a new adventure which requires us to work more than full-time hours with no pay, yet.  Kitten works in the same place, one day/week, and is the only one of us with a pay cheque.  We have 2 additional people living in the house (to help with rent, haha), neither of whom have pay cheques.  This work also makes it really difficult for me to draw (I've got something going on in my joints/tendons which has resulted in constant pain and numbness from my shoulders to my fingers) and Wolf's ankles are degenerating at a visible rate from being on his feet over 70 hrs/week.
Yup, things are pretty dire.  And yet, every morning the sun rises.  Time just keeps going.  The world is not ending (even though it feels like it is) and that means there are still options.

I'm looking and open to possibilities.  I'm available Sundays from 4pm and Mondays until whatever time can get me to the bus stop by 3:05pm.  

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