Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween, kids, work and sleepiness.

What a bummer. Not one kid came in to work today. No little ghouls. No Clowns. Nothing at all! I was looking so forward to interaction with children. The honesty they embody, whether happy or not, is so refreshing and pure. And when they have something cool to talk about, like trick-or-treating and dressing up, they enchant me.

In lieu of kids I got more or less grumpy contractors, frazzled parents and the occasional smiley customer. There were a lot of dressed-up co-workers, though. We had a snowman, a sailor, a fortune teller, a couple of cats, Esmeralda and Mulan. About half way through my shift my co-cashier donned an old-man mask, complete with straggly hair, moustache and beard. Belly laughing on front end is awesome - and helps to escape the onslaught of negativity from surly customers.

Now I'm home. Done. Complete for the day... or so I thought. After work yesterday, when Wolf picked me up, he informed me that we would be kidless as Kitten was to go to a Halloween sleep-over. After getting over my disappointment, I settled into the idea. Now, it appears that we're going to the party ourselves. I'm still working on how I feel about this.

I'm hungry. That's how I feel. Going to get some dinner!

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