Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cleansing breath -- aaannnnd... write!

It's Saturday... which means Wednesday (my work schedule' s like that).

It is also the first day of my first, ever NaBloPoMo.

Sadly, I should have written earlier. It is now dinner time and I'm one-hand typing because my other hand is covered with bacon, cheese-burger grease! After dinner we've a date with the TV for one of the precious few televised hockey games (that we want to watch) this month.

We all must set our own priorities and, as I've no readership of which to speak, the good internets will have to gracefully take a back burner.

Edited at 9:46 pm
We won!!! And now, bedtime. I will learn from this evening. I'm going to post first thing, tomorrow.

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