Thursday, November 20, 2008

Comments and memories.

I have a new favourite thing to do. Whether it's upon waking or when I return from work, I love checking my e-mail. Why? Because there's novelty, again. I get comments! Real comments! And that is totally awesome!


I'm sitting in the cafe. I always sit in the cafe. My one year old daughter is in her stroller, eating french fries and making a mess with of the ketchup while I drink my 7th cup of coffee and watch the family across the aisle. The Father Figure (who's name I no longer remember) is having a rousing game of toss-the-stuffy-into-the-ceiling-fan. Sometimes the teddy-cat makes it between the fan blades and falls back to the floor, but when it catches, we all watch with amusement and anticipation. By 'we all' I mean we 'adults.' The babies have no interest in his little game.

It gets tired pretty fast and I look away, bored. Not even a full five seconds later, the cat nails my table, knocking my coffee over. Thankfully, my open cigarette pack was there to catch most of the spillage. I pick said package up, looking over at Father Figure (I want to call him Koby?) and I pour tablespoon of liquid out of it, onto the table. He's howling. Laughing so hard his face is red. I set out the coffee soaked cigarettes hoping they'll dry and as I do so, FF says, "Think of it this way. I just saved you 15 minutes! Now you can have your coffee and cigarette all at the same time."

For the record, so not a tasty combination.

This trip down memory lane was triggered by Wolf, handing me back a cig which he's held with buttery fingers. MMmmm. Greasy smoke. The ultimate in decadence.


Not The Rockefellers said...

Isn't it amazing how flashbacks are triggered. I fall under their spell every time. A smell, A voice the way someone is stirring their coffee. It's like I'm suddenly transported to another dimension,another I'm thinking of that Beastie Boys song...see how it works with me!!

Beth said...

I love it!