Monday, November 24, 2008

Things I saw, heard or otherwise experienced at work yesterday...

I saw my new co-worker spend half an hour making two tins of paint look like two paint chips, by eye and with the the wrong base paint (need this last part to make more sense? Let me know and I'll explain), all at the customers behest.

I was asked what my interest was in the paint dept as I couldn't be pictured to (ever) have had a paint brush in hand. When I replied, citing my year of experience painting in a new-home construction setting, I was asked "was that before or after modelling paint products."

I saw a shrink-wrapped yard-man trying to look nonchalant when I unexpectedly interrupted their fun-time.

I had a brilliant discussion on spirituality and personal growth.

I said "SILENCE! I kill you!" into a speaker phone during business hours.

I helped a few people,!!!, and learned so much more!

So, I will concede that this is not the job from hell, therefore I will not kill myself just yet. I will update after this coming shift, wherein I will spend the last 3 hours of the day completely alone in my department, armed only with far-too-little-knowledge and a list of phone numbers that I can call "If (I) need anything at all..."


BeeDancer said...

Not sure I understand the base paint stuff, but I do understand about being a paint model...I am the world's worst painter & alwyas end up wearing more than I manage to apply to the walls

Good luck in the new department

Not The Rockefellers said...

I would have busted a gut if I heard you say SILENCE, I kill you.

You are too damn funny.

Peace - Rene

Hope you had a better day.

Beth said...

@ Bee- Love the image of 'paint model' that you've given me! Thanks for that.
(Untinted paint isn't necessarily white. If you want a dark paint, the 'base' paint is darker and has a higher number... it's not really that technical but it seems to gain the feeling of "complicated!!!" when typed out. I'll spare you the detail but if you want a base info table click here.)

@ Rene- Have you seen Achmed, the Dead Terrorist? I have shamelessly stolen the line from this skit and am currently spreading it around the building centre! These are the perks that I really love about my job.
Also, I had a much better day, thank you. Tune in to tonights post about alone time in the paint department.