Saturday, November 15, 2008

Doom and discomfort... or not.

My eyes first opened sometime around 5 am. I remember thinking that I went to bed late...

My eyes next opened sometime in the 7th hour. I remember being surprised that two more hours had passed.

My eyes opened finally at about 8:30. I remember a sense of foreboding, like something was very wrong. Too much time was spent sleeping. This day off is a special gift and I've wasted so much of it. Yeah, I'm pretty much over that, now. I slept. It feels good. So be it.

On a completely unrelated note... Last night while I faux-swiffered my bedroom floor, I must have jostled my bedside table because my tongue stud, which I had removed due to discomfort, rolled onto the floor, jarring Micky Mouse loose from his stainless steel bassinet.

Gotta go help with the learnin!

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