Saturday, November 29, 2008

What I want and why I (tell myself) I can't have it, followed by the reason my reason is stupid...

1. I want a more muscular physique.
a) I don't have time.
b) I wake every morning a couple of hours before my family so I can do my computer stuff without neglecting anyone.

2. I want to get a handle on my depression.
a) It is a mental disorder that I have no control over.
b) Spending hours online when I could be living makes me blue.

3. I want to be a better mom and wife.
a) I'm so tired when I get home, all I want to do is sit for a while.
b) Sitting 'for a while' doesn't constitute hours on facebook, getting annoyed when I'm interrupted. There's no reason I can't sit for a while on the couch with my daughter and husband while we talk about our discoveries of the day.

4. I want to go back to school, take a few courses.
a) I don't want to graduate from the institution with a huge debt hanging over my head.
b) Yeah, and living from paycheque to paycheque is a barrel of monkeys. Going into debt over the electric bill, with no hope of improvement is so much better than a student loan (and the potential job that will help pay it off).

Okay, I'm kind of stuck there. My shoulder hurts and I want to get ready for my day.
(can you believe it's been almost a month?!!)

Wishing you, yes you, a fantabulous day!

Pee-ess: I don't think I made a note yesterday or the day before so I will now. Wolf passed out twice on Thursday and once yesterday. it would seem to me that things are continuing to escalate. What else are you "almost positive" about, Doctor God?!


Not The Rockefellers said...

Join me Beth, and push away from the computer!

Yes, you. You can do it. C'mon, chin up girl.

For me, after NaBloPoMo wraps up on Sunday it's a once or twice weekly post and half an hour tops blog time.

I'm just going to be too damn busy!!

Christmas Pageant, shopping,volunteering,visiting,school stuff, working out....bleeeghh...and a friend wants me to get into snow-shoeing with her. I am not so much a winter girl but, I have to change that.
Plus it's a killer work-out.

Peace - Rene

word verif - lenta
when you get rid of the po' it's just lenta.

or the 40 days before Easta

Beth said...

I will gladly join in the Great Leaving! I love the snow-shoeing idea. We don't get a whole lot of snow, here. Too far south and too close to the pacific ocean...

Have a fantastic Christmas season, Rene. I know the pageant will be a smashing success!